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Kayak Rentals at Vermont State Parks

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Kayak Rentals at Vermont State Parks
Vermont State Parks

Ages: 6 - 14+

Cost: About $7.50 per hour

Parking: Yes - On state park grounds, usually near the water.


Affordable kayak and boat rentals at Vermont State Parks, like Alburg Dunes, Burton Island, Grand Isle, Kil Kare, Knight Point, Lake Carmi and Sand Bar.

To see a full list of where you can rent boats click here.

1 Reviews

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Reviewed on 09/13/2010

Want to Kayak, but don't own a boat? I've found the most affordable boat rentals are available at Vermont State Parks. Their web site ( lists over 20 state parks that offer boat rentals. For $7.50/hour, you can rent a single person kayak, canoe, or rowboat. A double kayak is $12.00/hour. With kids, an hour is often plenty. The State Park provides paddles and life jackets, but you may want to bring your own life jacket if you are fussy. I have personally rented kayaks at Branbury State Park and Sand Bar State Park. Both of these sites offer shallow, flat water that adds to the safety of boating with children. Double Kayaks are especially nice if you are kayaking with young children. The boating season starts Memorial Day weekend and probably ends on Labor Day weekend. Save the hassle of lugging your Kayak or canoe and visit a State Park!...more

Kayak Rentals at Vermont State Parks