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Ski Swap @ South Burlington HS

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Ski Swap @ South Burlington HS
550 Dorset Street
South BurlingtonVT

Ages: 0 and up

Cost: Free

Parking: Yes


Convert used ski & snowboard equipment into cash. Drop off used items on Friday and then come by on Saturday for great deals.
  • Shaped skis
  • Snowboards
  • New, Used & Kids' Equipment
  • Ski Apparel
  • Winter Clothes


Drop-Off (if you plan to sell stuff)

  • Friday from 5PM to 8:00pm


Sale (if you want to buy stuff)

  • Saturday from 9AM to 4PM


2 Reviews

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Reviewed on 10/24/2014

This event is well organized and the staff is extremely helpful. I was most worried about pricing my items, but they had 2 pros there to help with that. The selection was astounding...this is NOT a swap filled with dusty ski boots from 1969. Many vendors participate with new, but last season's items, and helpful staff. 1 item sold, 1 item did not. I could not pick up my check until the week after and the SBHS boosters accommodated me! /> We do this again in a heatbeat! GREAT job SBHS Boosters! GO REBELS!!!!

Ski Swap @ South Burlington HS


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Reviewed on 10/22/2014

Let me begin by saying that I think the flee market/swap idea for winter gear is a good one. And the SBHS front end was truly top notch. Having never participated in a swap before, I was SUPER appreciative of their volunteers who swooped in and helped me unload my car (I brought in LOTS of stuff), coached me on pricing, helped me with manufacturer/size, etc., and even helped attached all the tags while I frantically filled them out. So far, five stars.

BTW, if you do one of these swaps, do yourself a favor and prepare all that stuff (size, manufacturer, price, etc.) ahead of time.

Anyway, once I had everything labeled they helped me move all my junk to the check in counter where the stuff was quickly whisked away out of site. This is all no problem if you understand how things work.

This swap has a Friday evening check in, Saturday swap, and on Sunday you go back and pick up what doesn't sell and the proceeds of what did. You have to be present to reclaim what doesn't sell and the proceeds of what did or your money is gone and your stuff is donated. This little bit of information isn't posted anywhere.

Now that my gear is gone out of site, I find out this come-back-on-Sunday piece of information, but...right, I was on my way out of town for the weekend and wouldn't be back in time to pick up by gear.

I present my dilemma and she explains that they will just donate the gear that doesn't sell, and I'm okay with that. When I asked about the money from what sells, she checked my envelope to make sure that my address was on it and said that they would just mail my money. Perfect. Donate unsold gear, get money in the mail for what sells. I can live with that. Lose one star for not being up-front with this process. I might have not spent all that time filling out tags if I knew that I would be donating all that gear and have to come back for the money.

Several weeks later, I still haven't received my money and when I finally find someone (by phone) who can (sort of) help me, she informs me that they DON'T mail the money, but that she'd forward my message to the Boosters. The end. No follow up. No money. No gear.

I wouldn't hesitate to participate in a fundraising gear swap like this again, but I won't be using the SBHS one.

Ski Swap @ South Burlington HS