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Training Camp for New Dads

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Training Camp for New Dads
6 Washington Street
BarreVT 05641
(802) 595-7953

Ages: 0 and up

Cost: Free

Parking: Yes


Welcoming a child is an extremely profound and life-changing experience for men. Dads are acutely aware that it's only the beginning of a great adventure. The birth opens the door to their new life as a parent. In this fatherhood class, men will gain perspective from discussing the road that lies ahead. A new father’s mind may be swimming with questions: How long should I take off work? What do we need to have at home to be prepared for the baby? How do I figure out how to pay the bills and still have enough time to be with my wife and baby? Is there sex after childbirth? I'm worried my wife will be totally focused on the baby and not have any time for me. Do you think we should use cloth or disposable diapers? Is it possible to breast- and bottle-feed? I want to make sure I can care for the baby, too. How long should we wait before relatives can visit? This class helps men give voice to their concerns about becoming a dad, gain support, and start the process of making decisions.

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