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Welcome to Montpelier, Vermont


Welcome to Montpelier, Vermont’s beautiful capitol city. I grew up in Lyndonville and thought that I would raise my family closer to the Burlington area. I am so happy that our plans changed and that we now call Montpelier our home. This city is perfect for families with children of any ages. My own children, ages 7 and 4, love where we live and as you’ll read below they have many favorite places to share. I love that my children can call this special place “home”. We hope that you enjoy a visit to Montpelier!

Best Meal

Without question my children’s favorite place to eat out in Montpelier is Julio’s. My husband and I are happy to tag along and together we always walk away full and satisfied! Julio’s is loud and colorful and perfect for loud and colorful toddlers. The menu is long and we’ve always been happy with every new menu choice we’ve made. Kids are happy to snack on chips and salsa while waiting for their cheesy quesadilla. Mom & Dad sit back and enjoy a cold Pacifico or margarita.

Just a few doors down on State Street you’ll find Vermont’s best gelato at Chill. Their flavors are unique: Fig and Goat Cheese, Vermont Mud Season, Orange Chocolate, Olive Oil, Irish Cream, Chai, Marshmallow; and they have a few classics too like Strawberry, Belgian Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean. You can eat in, eat outside, or take a pint home with you.

Best Outdoor Activity

Do your kids have energy to burn? Take them hiking at Hubbard Park. Even little hikers can trek to the lookout tower which is a bit mesmerizing! Share the history of the tower with your kids and enjoy the 360 degree view from the top.

Best Indoor Activity

Montpelier’s children’s room at the Kellogg Hubbard Library has so much more for young children than just books (though they have plenty of those too!). They have two train tables, a doll house, stuffed animals, and a whole wall of board games. Each week the library hosts two free story times and they have dozens of special events happening all summer.

After your visit to the library your nose might lead you to Manghi’s Bread Bakery next door. It’s a bit hidden… just walk in the front door of the yellow Victorian house and you’ll find $0.05 cent rolls for the kids and a variety of breads and treats to bring home. I suggest picking up a Cheese Twist, our favorite!

Best Money Saving Tip

Visit the Brown Bag Free Concert Series on Thursdays at noon in front of the Christ Church. Bring a picnic lunch and sit on the church green, or grab a slice to go at Positive Pie. Maybe the Birchgrove Cookie Cart will drive by and you can grab an easy dessert!

Our family has already made great memories at the Vermont Mountaineers baseball games, and we look forward to many more games! Mountaineer games are inexpensive: just $6 Adult, $4 Students or $12 Family (4 tickets – max. 2 adults). At each game you will enjoy high quality baseball and be entertained by Skip the mascot! There are concessions and even chances for kids to go play on the field.

Secret Spots & Little Known Gems

Before you leave Vermont’s capital city visit our beautiful state house lawn. This is a regular meeting place for friends. We bring a picnic, kites, frisbees. The kids love going up and down the outside steps more than anything.

About the Author

Honi Bean Barrett is blessed to be the mother of two young children, ages 4 & 7. She will tell you that 99% of her day revolves around the kids and during the other 1% she enjoys reading, photography, running, and baking. Honi was born and raised in Vermont and knew that she would raise her children here, though she never knew that she could end up just outside Montpelier. Now she plans to stay there forever. Find Honi giving away Vermont products and services on her blog: Try Vermont First.

This post is part of our Hometown Expert Series: We invite FindandGoSeek users to share their insider tips about visiting their town. If you think you’ve got the inside scoop on where you live in Vermont and want to write about it, please contact us.

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