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Adam's Berry Farm

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Adam's Berry Farm
985 Bingham Brook Road
(802) 578-9093

Ages: 0 - 14+

Cost: Free

Parking: Yes


Organically Grown Pick your own:
  • Strawberries mid June to July 4th
  • Blueberries late July to late August
  • Raspberries late August to frost
Check the picking schedule here before you go.
From Burlington (or the north)- The easiest way to reach us is to head down Spear Street approximately 12 miles South and simply take a right on Bingham Brook Road. They are up a couple of hundred feet on the right. (this route allows you to avoid Shelburne Road and is quicker and much more beautiful).


2 Reviews

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Reviewed on 07/16/2012

It's blueberry season again and, as we do every year, my family heads to Adam's Berry Farm at the Intervale to pick vats of plump, delicious, and organic blueberries. Picking berries at Adam's is an easy and enjoyable way to spend a morning and the berries are as good as they get. Everything is right there -- easy parking and rows and rows of berry bushes everywhere you turn-- and no long walks for tired kids on a hot day! And when my kids start getting too hot, they hit the nicely shaded sand box or wooden bench swing.

Adam's Berry Farm


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Reviewed on 09/14/2010

I never thought I would live in Vermont, while at the same time live in a more urban area then the one I grew up in suburban NJ. Luckily we only live up the hill from Burlington's Intervale. We have belonged to three different Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSAs) over the past dozen or so years. The veggies are great and some of them have varying amounts of strawberries and raspberries. However for a varied and continuous supply of fresh, organic berries in season nothing beets Adams Berry Farm. It is a very casual PYO set up and the person at the stand where you pay for your pick is always friendly and helpful....more

Adam's Berry Farm