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Champlain Valley Gymnastics

  • 3.5

(3 reviews)
Champlain Valley Gymnastics
21 Bernard Drive
South BurlingtonVT 05403
(802) 863-4714

Ages: 2 and up


Parking: No


They offer programs tailored to the needs of different ages ranging from 2-19. They specialize in separate programs for Motor Development, Recreational Classes, & Competitive Teams. Their success in each of the three programs is due to their staff’s experience; small, well-organized groups; quality, well-organized equipment; close supervision; and the level of attention to each child, in part afforded by the size of our facility. 

3 Reviews

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Reviewed on 02/10/2018

It is a great place. My daughter learned a cart wheel in no time because they showed her easy technique and the floor was marked with locations for hands and feet. It took her one class to learn something that she was desparately trying to learn for a year at other recriational gymnastics place. We tried two other places before we end up with Champlain Valley. One place was like a huge enterprise, with long waiting time until your kid's turn comes up to have fun for a second and wait again for another eternity. The other was more fun but no new learning just doing whatever you want with minimal guidance. Champlain Valley Gymnastics was just right. With groups small enough to get proper attention. The trainers have an eye for identifying challenging areas and offering easy techniques to correct those challenges for your kid....more

Champlain Valley Gymnastics


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Reviewed on 01/11/2018

The owners of this gym were hard to communicate with and very rude. They were discriminatory to my child based on her identity. They demonstrated that they have little respect for family values. I observed a very negative, narrow minded atmosphere that is not where I would send my children.

Business Owner response (January 29, 2018): I would like to apologize for the ugliness of this discord. It is not what our business is about. In 30 years we have had zero such responses. With knowing exactly what this complainant is about, we can only guess it has to do with the one and only conflict we have ever had.

Just prior to when this negative review was posted, we had a foster care Mom call us wanting to have the child take a free trial class. As foster parents are not legal guardians, we require two things for foster children to participate in a class:

1. A completed short supervision, permission, release and warning card signed by the legal guardian.

2. A method to confirm with Social Services that a legal guardian has signed our release. This can be achieved in one of two ways. Either with a social service letter that has contact information or a contact at social service to confirm.

We are not social service experts. If a foster parent wants to enroll a child they must do complete this request first.

Our requirement was responded to with repeated confusion and doubt of its attainability by the foster parent. In an effort to simplify our requirements, I suggested she take our form directly to Social Services as they would be the ones who would know how to proceed. I was met again with the repeated confused and doubtful responses.

After repeating my suggestion 2-3 times, I was responded to with frustration, followed by non-constructive negative criticism. I have never even met this parent and I was trying to her help via a phone call.

In our 30-years experience, we have seen that this type of behavior can escalate. And as our gymnastics school revolves around children we try to avoid it. Without mentioning this to her, I calmly explained that we would not be interested in continuing. Her response to me was an attempt at something very similar to the negative review above.


Champlain Valley Gymnastics


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Reviewed on 01/28/2016

Woodie and Mary are great coaches and have the experience, professionalism, patience to help your child achieve their gymnastics goals. Class sizes are small and the kids quickly become friends, cheering each other on. So pleased with our experience so far with Champlain Valley Gymnastics.

Champlain Valley Gymnastics