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Easter Egg Hunt @ Colchester's Bayside Park

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Easter Egg Hunt @ Colchester's Bayside Park
Bayside Park

Ages: 0 - 14+

Cost: Free - Please bring a non-perishable food item to support the Colchester Community Food Shelf

Parking: Yes - Please park your vehicles at Colchester High School and enter the park by the softball field road off Laker Lane.


Join the Easter Bunny for a great egg hunt at Bayside Park.  Children will be separated by age groups to hunt for eggs in different areas of Bayside Park.

  • Ages 4 & under will be at Lower Bayside Park. 
  • Ages 5 - 8 will be at Upper Bayside Park.

Bring a bag or basket to put your eggs and goodies in. 

Sponsored by Colchester Lions Club & Colchester Parks & Recreation. 

The Colchester Lions Club will be hosting a food drive for the Colchester Community Food Shelf at the Easter Egg hunt. We are requesting that all participants bring at least one non-perishable or canned item to the hunt. This event is sponsored by the Colchester Lions Club and Colchester Parks & Recreation 

3 Reviews

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Reviewed on 03/16/2016

We attended this event the last 3 years. I have 2 boys ages 4 and 7.
Apparently we didn't get there early enough to get closer to the front of the line. By the time my son got out to the field he only found 2 eggs even with my help. As we went over to the playground to open his 2 eggs I noticed several other kids had baskets full of eggs. Parents right there helping them with their treasures. It was pretty clear that there was a limit each child could get. I saw other kids with sad little faces because they came back with empty baskets.
I hope this year parents and kids will respect the rules and think of others that also want to collect Easter eggs.
Maybe the organization could put up a big sign informing everyone the number of eggs that are allowed for each child.
A few signs would help make a strong statment.

Easter Egg Hunt @ Colchester's Bayside Park


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Reviewed on 03/24/2014

We have tried this event every year since our son's first Easter in 2009 and then in 2010-2013 at which time he was walking. We hope each year it will be different, but there are always kids walking around with bags or baskets overflowing (with parents assisting) and then a bunch of kids with empty baskets.

Each year we see parents sitting down with the kids cracking open large quantities of eggs in hopes of finding the "big prize". I say, get rid of the big prizes, but I'm not sure that even then parents will adhere to the rules and allow their kids to grab just a couple of eggs.

Each year we have been lucky enough to have a child hide a couple eggs for our son to find (after they are all gone) and we have in turn done the same for another child, it shouldn't come down to this though.

I doubt we will attend this year now that he's 5.

Easter Egg Hunt @ Colchester's Bayside Park


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Reviewed on 04/07/2012

Bad idea to attend this one. Very disappointed. We showed up 20 minutes early, parking was very busy, and there was a huge line of people to get into hunting area. At 10 am when hunt opened, kids in front immediately scooped up all the eggs, totally ignoring 5 egg per child rule. I would say most kids that were in the back of line, at least in the 5 and under area, didn't get any eggs. I know my 4 year old didn't and I saw a ton of kids with 20 or 30 eggs in baskets. Lots of little kids crying because the eggs were all gone. HUGE line to sit on Easter Bunny's lap and get a photo. I went because previous reviews were so good, and if we had been in front of line, we probably would have gotten eggs, but I thought we arrived with adequate time to line up with little ones. It would have been better to have a large area, more eggs and all kids closer to starting spot at the same time to make it fair for all the little ones. After all, don't we all want the same thing for the kids? Them to have a good time and happy memories? Too bad the parents in front of line didn't respect the rules and think about other little ones behind them. I believe the Lion's club felt badly that so many kids didn't get eggs, they were very apologetic and gave my son a candy after we waited in line for the Easter Bunny.

Easter Egg Hunt @ Colchester's Bayside Park