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Full Stride Youth Instructional Hockey Program

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Full Stride Youth Instructional Hockey Program
600 Swift Street
South BurlingtonVT 05403
(802) 652-9010

Ages: 5 - 12

Cost: $150

Parking: Yes - Program held at Cairns Arena in South Burlington.

Features: Snack Stand, Restrooms

This program provides 8 weeks of professional instruction in hockey skills development, including skating, in a structured environment consisting of skills clinics and controlled small games for youth players who wish to improve their play. Full Stride emphasizes skills improvement for younger and less experienced players and celebrates the experience with a grand finale game the last day.

Expert explanation of skills and the opportunity to reproduce those skills in a supportive environment provide challenges for a wide range of experience levels. They will utilize a variety of instructional techniques and small games activities to help develop game-speed decision-making and improve the player’s ability to read and react to situations as they arise.

The Full Stride method relies on fun to educate students in the proper techniques of skating and puck control.  Experienced instructors (former NHL professional Dan McFall and Pete Olson) are assisted by a team of Jr. Instructors to provide a high degree of support for your child's learning and a low student-instructor ratio.

Students are divided into groups based on age and experience, with a maximum group size of 30. All groups are co-ed.

    •    Check website for next program, pricing updates. All 1 hour sessions at Cairns Arena, So. Burlington.

2 Reviews

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Reviewed on 03/20/2008

I have had my children participate in the Snowplow Sam, Basic 1 and the Learn to Play programs. For a once a week, 6 week session gig, they their skating really did improve quite a bit . The biggest hassle is getting multiple kids dressed and out on the ice on time (especially the ones in the Learn to Play Hockey as they are in full garb!). We have learned to make Wednesdays an outing of sorts - skating from 4:00-5:00 then dinner at the rink (I use that term loosely as it is snack bar food) but they are ravenous afterwards. NOTE: the snack bar only takes cash. ...more

Full Stride Youth Instructional Hockey Program


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Reviewed on 05/13/2010

My daughter just finished the Learn to Play Hockey program and we were very pleased. She enjoyed it and learned a lot. I wish it went a few weeks longer. The coaches were very good with the kids, though I think there were too many kids. If they were separated more on the rink, that would be better. Overall, we're happy and will do it again.

Full Stride Youth Instructional Hockey Program