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Rock Point School

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Rock Point School
1 Rock Point Road
(802) 863-1104

Ages: 14+ and up

Cost: Day Students Tuition for 2011/2 is $26,000

Parking: Yes


Rock Point School is a small, supportive day and boarding school serving about 40 high school students.  Rock Point is a place where young people - who have found themselves off-track academically, socially, and personally - are seen for who they are, take healthy risks, grow, find success, and discover their passion.  With small classes, individualized attention, and deeply devoted teachers and staff, we are able to address each student’s specific strengths and challenges, and help them make progress in ways appropriate to them. In addition to math, science, English, history, and art, we offer electives, physical education, wellness class, and a senior seminar, which prepares upper-level students for their next step beyond high school.

Located on 130 acres on the shores of Lake Champlain, we offer a wide range of activities, from hiking, sailing, skiing and snowboarding, to drama class, stain glass, and cooking. We encourage our students to have fun, laugh, try new things, make friends, and discover what excites them. In all aspects of our school, we cultivate a thriving, supportive community, where students learn the importance of being active, healthy, productive, and responsible, and have a chance to become their best selves.


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1 Reviews

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Joan McGuire

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Reviewed on 02/14/2013

Rock Point School Parent Recommendation
A Rock Point education is a gift. Our son attended Rock Point School for four years and we will never forget the person who told us about this place called Rock Point. The school has a deep sense of tradition and humanistic values that shine through every class, interaction, activity, and conversation. It is a place where they will know your child. Your child will receive intense caring, tolerance, love, and deep learning through unique experiences in an environment that is safe in every way its possible to be. Each student is treasured for who they are and celebrated by a caring group of phenomenal teachers and staff. They are taught to think deeply about the world around them and their own ability to change that world. They are challenged to grow physically, intellectually and emotionally. Rock Point staff fostered this growth in our son with unwavering support both when he was doing well and when he was struggling. They gave him a fine education in small nurturing community in an ideal physical location where he could learn to be the altruistic, worldly, and ethical man he is today. We will never be able to thank them enough.
Joan McGuire

Rock Point School