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Vacation Camps @ Talent Skatepark and Shop

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Vacation Camps @ Talent Skatepark and Shop
2069 Williston Road
South BurlingtonVT 05403
(802) 864-2069

Ages: 5 - 14+

Cost: $30/Day

Parking: Yes - Parking Lot

Features: Coed

Offered Most School Breaks - Call to confirm.

Curriculum: Campers start with the basics; pushing, rolling, riding down ramps. They move on to more advanced moves; dropping in, turning around. Advanced skaters will work on dropping in on taller features, basic ground tricks such as ollies and kickflips and basic ramp tricks such as rock to fakie and axle stall. While learning how to skate, campers are taught park etiquette and safety. 

  • Skateboarders and inline skaters from age 5 to 14 of all abilities are invited to attend.
  • Drop off begins at 8:30
  • Go for the whole week or pick just one day
  • Limited to 25 campers
  • For safety, each camper will be required to wear full pads. (knee, elbow, wrist, helmet), Each camper
    should have their own set of approved skate pads. 
  • Lunch or refrigeration is NOT provided.
  • Campers must bring their own snacks, lunch and water bottle.


Talent is an indoor skatepark for both inline skaters and skateboarders. It has several pipes, a 9' vertical wall, boxes of varying heights, lots of ledges, a couple of banks and more. They also have a viewing area for parents, a snack counter, lessons, camps, private parties, and a complete pro shops that offers rentals and repairs.

1 Reviews

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Reviewed on 02/24/2009

Great camp. Kids have lessons from 9-12 complete with stretching and warm up exercises. Then they get broken into smaller groups for instruction. There is plenty of time for snack, but midday they get a big break for lunch. Bring your own, or they can buy Pizza for $2 and and assortment of other snack type foods (think slim jims, fruit roll-ups and Gatorade).

The afternoon is "free skate" time. My kid decided he wanted to try roller blading for the first time and absolutely loved it. You can pick kids up anytime after lunch if you think 6 hours at the skatepark is too much. Might not be for kids who are faint at heart. The free skate time is pretty hairy. Lots going coming and going..zooming everywhere. But like I said, its a great camp. When I picked my 10 year old up on Monday, the first thing he said was "can you sign me up to go again on another day this week?"...more

Vacation Camps @ Talent Skatepark and Shop