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Become a Find&GoSeek Publisher in Your Town

  •     • Did you ever consider owning a home-based business?
  •     • Do you like a flexible work schedule?
  •     • Do you enjoy including your family with what you do professionally?
  •     • Do you want to provide your community with a much-needed service?

These were some of the questions we asked ourselves when we created Find&GoSeek in Burlington, Vt. In the few years since we launched, we've experienced a steady growth of users, content and advertisers. Along the way, people kept asking us when a Find&GoSeek would land in their community (outside of Vermont). Now is the time. So while we continue to enjoy owning and operating Find&GoSeek in Burlington, we now offer others the opportunity to become a Publisher in their location. Modesto, CA was our first and we've grown to other locations in California, Texas, Michigan, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

As a Find&GoSeek Publisher, you have use of an award-winning designed website complete with a custom-built content management system and integrated plugins to support components such as the advertising, metrics, social media and maps. You even get to create your own characters and personality for your site if you want. Don't worry, you don't have to be a "techie" or know how to write code. Everything is as simple as navigating the web.

We think operating a Find&GoSeek in your regional location can be fun, exciting and rewarding. While others can submit activities, places, programs and events, you too can enjoy exploring and finding your own stuff to do and share. As the Publisher, you can earn money from selling advertising on your site. For us, we've found local advertisers really appreciate and value the Find&GoSeek audience in our area. We provide them with a sought-after demographic (parents and caregivers of children) at a time they are motivated and looking for something related to their family.

Contact us for more information about becoming a Publisher. The process to set up a new location is fairly straightforward and convenient.

Andy and Dana Freeman

The Freemans